Redband created a significant time-savings tool for my team at Philips. What used to take a week of tedious, detailed work that was often fraught with user error has now been reduced to half a day. Even better, the output is standardized and replicable. Ben knows his stuff, provided suggestions along the way for even greater improvement, and was all around great to work with. I can’t imagine we would have received anything better or faster anywhere else.

Barbara Taylor
Solutions, Marketing & Strategy, Philips Healthcare

I use the simulation models all the time when someone suggest a new tactic or wants funding for a marketing initiative - it helps us agree on what we can/cannot do.

Global Therapeutic Area Head, Top 10 Pharma company

Working with Redband was as smooth and effortless as it gets. They were extremely quick to come up to speed on the project and we were happy to involve them in early stage solution design. We kept in touch often and took delivery of the product every couple of weeks, which allowed us to course correct when our requirements changed. As a platform, Redband is flexible enough to fit our needs and quality is not compromised at any stage. Highly recommend this solution if you are looking to automate workflows built on top of brittle spreadsheets.

Rahul Grover
Sr. Solutions Architect, Managed Services & Enterprise Partnerships, Philips Healthcare

We were able to align teams from across the globe around a common framework - and thus raise the quality of market and opportunity analysis.

Head of Commercial Operations, Top 10 Pharma company

The RedBand platform allowed our business unit to consolidate planning, pricing and forecasting across multiple geographies, saving us many hours in coordinating our launch efforts, eliminating previous version control problems, and allowing for realtime collaboration.

Sr. Global Product Manager, Philips Healthcare

We had much more effective business review meetings because all participants were on the same page with respect to the current situation analysis.

Global Brand Leader, Top 10 Pharma company

Being able to show market managers how their peers are performing in comparable market segments has built confidence in setting more ambitious goals.

Regional VP, Top 10 Pharma company