Make the complex simple

A versatile, cloud-based platform for business planning, scenario modelling, and analytics in lieu of excel



Use the RedBand platform to build business models and plan across multiple scenarios.



The RedBand team works with you to define a series of input and output screens for your model.

You define the data and computations the model will be based on and which variables are open for user-input. The end-result is your own model-based web application for doing "what-if" scenario planning across your group.



The RedBand team works with you to define the data you need to feed your model.

RedBand can integrate via flat-file (xls, csv, xml, etc...), web-services (REST, SOAP), and messaging to get the data you need into your model.



Do your planning as a team

Share your scenarios and business cases across the team with inline explanations on your assumptions. Leave comments and have discussions on scenarios. Copy other team member's scenarios to use as a baseline for your own. Roll-up scenarios developed by multiple different team members into a single scenario. All this while no longer having to worry about what version of the model your team is working off of.



See the data in the form you need it.

Visualize the data from your model in the format you need it. Filter it to get the necessary insights. Download to xls, pdf, or ppt to for use in presentations or for further manipulation.

Everything your team needs to do its business planning

  • Build a scenario and visualize outcomes
  • Inline data validation ensures valid inputs are being fed to the model.
  • Stop spending hours validating the formulas on your spreadsheet.
  • Be secure in the knowledge that your team is working off of the same version of the model.
  • Calculated intermediate outputs displayed on input screens indicate the impact of input changes before having to run reports.
  • Compute projections with millions of data points in a matter of seconds

  • Share scenarios with other users
  • Leave notes on each input screen explaining your thinking.
  • Receive and respond to feedback from other users using the scenario‚Äôs comments feed.
  • Copy your own or shared scenarios to get a head start on your planning.
  • Roll-up portions of scenarios from other users to see the big picture.
  • Compare scenarios to capture the difference between best and worst case.