Technical Consulting

RedBand is passionate about building quality software that makes the complex simple

Whether you need to quickly build a new application, re-write an existing one, integrate thorny legacy systems, or solve an intractable architecture or technology issue, the RedBand team can work with you to identify the problem and quickly come to a solution. RedBand offers technical consulting services in the following areas:

Rapid Software Development

Technology Selection & Review

Architectural Design & Review

Software Team Organization

Members of the RedBand team have architected and launched numerous software applications in their careers. Applications they have built range from health insurance exchanges, patient portal and kiosk applications, mobile apps for doctors, to enterprise time-tracking and resource management solutions.  

These applications have spanned Java, Javascript, and Ruby based technology stacks. They have dealt with integrations such as EDI and HL7. And they have handled security and privacy implications from HIPAA, for healthcare, to PCI, for credit card payments.

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