About RedBand


RedBand was founded in 2015 with the goal of making great software that hides complex computations and interactions from the end-user with simple, easy-to-use interfaces. To this end, RedBand has launched its RedBand software-as-a-service platform for organizations to do collaborative scenario planning against models tailored specifically to their needs.

The RedBand platform's users range from business units within multi-national conglomerates to companies planning the launch of their first products. Beyond its own product, RedBand brings the same ethos of rapid, quality software development to others.

Ben is the Founder and CEO of RedBand. Ben is passionate about building high performance technology products and teams. He has over ten years of experience building software products and the teams that develop them.

Before founding RedBand, Ben was an Executive and General Manager at Vecna Technologies (www.vecna.com). There he led the development and implementation of a Patient Portal and Patient Kiosk product that serves millions of patients. Prior to that role, he was the VP of Software Development responsible for the development team, software architecture, and technology stack across numerous projects and products.

Ben is a graduate of MIT.


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